4 Ways to Measure the ROI of Your Audio Branding Strategy

A brief guide to finding the real value of your sonic assets

Pavle Marinkovic
6 min readFeb 2, 2022



Why should marketers care about sound?

If brands want to turn to audio to market their product and services, they have to know what they’ll get in return.

We all want measurable results for the money we spend.

But it’s not so easy as going from A to B. Especially when marketing is less visible and more audible.

What happens when a brand is heard but not seen?

Think of podcasts, audiobooks, smart-speaker interactions, and audio-driven social platforms (e.g. Clubhouse).

It’s trickier with sound.

However, if marketers can see the return of investment of a sound strategy, they’ll be able to justify using it again, and maybe next time at a larger scale.

So how do we see those results?

# 1 — Music’s appeal: how much do customers like it?

It’s the most basic way to learn the audio’s value to your business.

If consumers like it, they’re more prone to enter into your brand’s store, watch the ads, attend events, and connect with it.

The more they have pleasant experiences with your brand, the more likely they’ll choose your products and services over others.

You get their attention, and that’s the most valuable currency in today’s world.

The thing with audio is that it connects people on a deeper level. It creates an emotional reaction.

And that sticks around in their minds.

In fact, emotional memories are easier to retrieve.

If your brand is somewhere around there, it will kick in faster.

The brand stays relevant to your customer.

How to measure it

Ask customers to rate the sonic asset you’re implementing from 1 to 10.