Who said research had to always be so serious?

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Many twisted, crazy, and unusual experiments have been carried out for the sake of science.

I’m not talking about those conducted during wartime that would make your stomach want to throw up.

Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of research!

We usually don’t hear about them because they’re not in mainstream journals or they’re too strange to be taken seriously, but why can’t research be fun and informative at the same time?

Let’s look at them one by one and let our imagination fly!

Can fat outfits change the amount of food we consume?

“It’s complicated”

That’s the relationship status I…

What can we learn from the business of doing nothing.

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A man named Shoji Morimoto has become a celebrity in Japan for the most unusual job: doing nothing.

Yes, you read it right.

It all started with a simple tweet back in 2018:

“I offer myself for rent, as a person who does nothing. Is it difficult for you to enter a shop on your own? Are you missing a player on your team? Do you need someone to keep a place for you? I can’t do anything except easy things.”

Basically, Morimoto rents himself for the simplest tasks. People send him offers and he selects the ones he’ll take…

The music industry is taking an interesting turn

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Would you feel astonished or creeped out by looking at your favorite (deceased) music legend performing in front of you?

Businesses like Eyeillusion, Hologram USA, or Base Hologram are taking live concerts to the next level. They’re securing the rights of famous artists and developing a technology capable of bringing them “back from the dead”.

They’re focusing their business model on a powerful emotion: nostalgia.

In fact, according to Fast Company, 4 out of the top 10 touring artists in 2018 were living legends: The Eagles, Roger Waters, U2, and The Rolling Stones. Touring is the most profitable revenue for…

If we want to know how people react to our products and services, we need a new approach ASAP

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We all have filled out at least one survey in our lives. We’ve been asked to rate a product or service, fill out a customer satisfaction survey, assess our work environment, and the list goes on.

All these surveys have three basic premises:

  • The respondents know exactly how they feel.
  • The respondents can communicate those feelings.
  • The respondents always tell the truth.

Without these assumptions, polls would be meaningless.

The information you’ve gathered wouldn’t be useful to make decisions and prepare improvement plans. Any changes to your product or service based on people's opinions would be unproductive.

These premises entail…

It’s more than just applying it for security reasons

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The global facial recognition market was valued at more than $3.8 billion in 2020, with a forecast growth of 17.2% to reach $8.5 billion for 2025.

It’s a huge market and it’s being used both for security and marketing challenges. You may know this technology as means of surveillance, but it’s much more than that.

Here’s the basic idea: our face shows our internal emotional states and by looking at our facial expressions we’ll know what’s happening inside (on an emotional level).

Usually, we don’t control our facial gestures so we’ll have a more genuine reaction to the products and…

There are certain limits when analyzing someone’s face

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For a smile to be truly genuine, two things must happen:

  • The zygomaticus major muscle must contract, which allows the corner of the lip to rise to form a smile.
  • The orbicularis oculi muscle should be activated, which surrounds the eye and raises the cheek while lowering the eyebrows.

If we don’t detect both movements, the smile is probably false.

It‘s not a smile that would occur involuntarily, but rather we’ll control it. A forced smile, in other words.

It might be difficult for a person to detect these muscle differences. A…

Here’s what’s happening to the digital world of music

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If you haven’t heard about the recent news in the music industry, let me update you real quick.

Many famous artists have started selling their songs to record labels, investment firms, and to anyone willing to pay the big bucks. They’re selling both their future income on their music and the right to decide where it will be featured from now on.

They’ll remain credited as authors of these musical pieces, but all else is gone.

These artists have finally put a price tag on their most valuable possessions:

  • Bob Dylan sold his entire catalog for $300–400 million to Universal…

Based on people’s music preferences for their sexy time

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We’ve all read about food or scents that can increase our partner’s appetite for sex, but have you heard about aphrodisiacal music?

I certainly wasn’t aware of it until recently, but once you read about it, it will make sense.

Bare along with me and let’s take a look at the effects sound can have on our sexual arousal.

What do people listen to more often while having sex?

I know. Many of you will not even think about having a playlist while having sex.

However, you’d be impressed to learn that many people have lined up tracks for their sexy time experience.

And based on all those that use…

An alternative to the traditional chlorine wash and thermal processing of food

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Imagine putting your food in the microwave like you always do, but this time your food also gets bombarded by sound waves to make sure it’s safe to eat.

You know how the military uses specifically designed filtered bottles to get water from any source, whether it’s clean or dirty?

Well, think of something similar for your food, but using sound as you filter.

And those are sounds you can’t even hear. They’re above our audible range.


Getting quality meat with an ultrasound treatment

Researchers at the Fort Valley State University have been studying the effects of sound frequencies on meat infected with E. choli bacteria.

There’s a B-side to music you didn’t know of.

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Who doesn’t like music?

If you put aside Freud’s disgust for music, most of us enjoy listening to or playing music.

But there’s another side of music we don’t look at very often (or we’ve never thought of).

American songwriter Ani DiFranco says, “every tool is a weapon if you hold it right”…or if you use it wrong, I might add.

And that applies to music as well.

Despite my love and everyday work with music, I want to share with you the negative effects of music on people. …

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