Banks won’t do this

What does the crypto world mean to society?

Apart from the discussions concerning energy consumption, Bitcoin and altcoins are vital to the change we’ll see in the global wealth distribution.

The pandemic has increased wealth inequality and it will take years to recover from it, but it has also brought renewed hope to escape poverty thanks to the decentralized financial system developing in front of our eyes.

It might not solve inequality, but it can be a life-changer to people that are cut out from society just because of their bad financial situation.

So how can cryptocurrencies level the playfield…

Making work more “fun” or bringing Black Mirror to life?

Amazon’s detrimental working conditions are an open secret. But the controversial company has taken its infamous quest for productivity to new levels by implementing a series of “video games” to boost said productivity. In these games, employees race each other to earn the highest score — just like in arcade classics. If they win, they get tokens — called swag bucks — that can be traded for company merchandise.

Doesn’t this remind you of the Black Mirror episode in which characters ride stationary bikes to earn “merits” that pay for their daily needs? …

The right title needs to be carefully crafted

Your title is everything.

It’s your whole article in 20 words or so (if you add the subtitle).

That’s how much people see while deciding to keep reading or move on.

Their whole world shrinks into those 2–3 lines for a couple of seconds. You’re in the center of that screen as long as your words live in the mind of the reader.

Once they fade, there’s no coming back — no chance of having a first impression for a second time around.

So how do we make those precious moments count and make your title as vivid as possible…

Two Nobel laureates have found a price tag to it.

More money will buy you more happiness.

This is not to say that money = happiness.

It simply means that the more financial resources you have, the more joyful and satisfied you’ll feel with your life.

But there’s a fine print to it (there’s always an annoying catch, isn’t there?).

Money improves your happiness level until it reaches a certain amount. After that, no matter how much you earn, it won’t make any difference whatsoever.

I was always baffled by the fact that while studying psychology, there wasn’t a single teacher who told us anything about happiness. …

A quick guide to matching a title with its content

Bright blue bird with a lime green breast perched on a thin branch
Bright blue bird with a lime green breast perched on a thin branch

The title is your elevator pitch in 12 (or so) words.

You should treat every word like gold — too many and it will depreciate.

Without a good first impression, few people will give you a second chance and read through your article. So much work on it just to be easily dismissed because of a weak headline. I know that frustration.

Your article’s fate hangs on a thin thread, but let’s make it as firm as possible. Just like a spider’s web: all threads aligned to hold up that life form, your content.

Thanks to the different people on…

The consumer market of adolescents explained in music terms

Two young, cheerful women sitting on a couch.
Two young, cheerful women sitting on a couch.

Who hasn’t felt a bit of nostalgia when listening to a song from their youth?

I know I was obsessed with artists like Limp Bizkit, Backstreet Boys, and my guilty pleasure, Britney Spears.

Now, whenever I hear a song from any of them, I’m immediately transported to a time of childish adventures: arriving home after hours, chasing (or sometimes fleeing) from girls, and well… basically getting in trouble.

All those exciting memories come rushing to my mind just by listening to a few bars from these artists.

Music can trigger specific memories. Memories tightly woven to the heart. …

An ingenious way to know when the fruit is ready for harvest

Think of the fruit you’re about to eat.

How do you know it’s ready and not green?

You might judge it by the color of the surface, but that doesn’t work with fruits like watermelon or avocado.

Okay, now you have to touch it, tap it, but you’re still not 100% certain that you’ll get it right.

Now think of increasing the scale of your decision.

Imagine trying to decide when to cut thousands of fruits at the right time so that you don’t end up with a bunch of useless products. …

This will help you transition from a binary to a growth mindset.

At my tender thirteen years of age, I was told by my piano teacher that I wasn’t ready to play a difficult piece at the time, Chopin’s Ocean Etude.

I blindly believed it for longer than I’d like to admit.

And that kept me from trying.

I was thinking in binary terms:

  1. I’m not good enough
  2. This piece is for skilled players

So why even bother trying?

What I failed to realize is that my level at the time didn’t matter, because it was just a temporal stage in my overall development.

Instead, I had to focus on where I…

Weather influences our emotions and we listen to music for its vibes…why not combine it all into a tailored playlist?

I know I’m not the only one that has a hard time finding music to listen to.

It has to be the right one for the mood I’m in, otherwise it won’t feel right.

And that mood of ours is influenced by many things, one of which is the weather. You know how there’s a saying for it, “being under the weather”, but we don’t usually think about how much it can affect us.

Mood states do change with weather, so why not use this variable to find the right music for us?

How are we classifying music today?

We have multiple libraries of music on…

Water is getting scarce and we need all hands on deck to improve its recycling process

Talking about poop isn’t sexy, right?

But if you know how to spin it, it can become very appealing. And in this case, necessary.

When we talk about poop or waste, we fail to see that it’s part of a larger cycle. What goes around, comes around, and if we don’t take care of every step of the process, well, it can come back and bite us in you know where.

That’s what’s happening with water.

$530 per acre-foot.

That’s the price of water in the stock market today. My fellow reader, water has become a commodity.

If we don’t…

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Audio branding Consultant, Film Composer, and Content Writer. New eBook “How to Hook Your Customer with Music” >

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