Your musical taste is based on your brain type, care to find out?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

You know just after a couple of seconds whether you’ll press repeat or change the song you’re listening to.

But what makes you choose one or the other?

Certain features will narrow down your options.

Broadly speaking, what you listen to will be determined by your culture (the music you’re…

The strategic use of sound can make wonders

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Listening to music will help you both engage and escape from work.

These seemingly opposite effects can have a positive outcome for people and their company’s success.

Workers get inspired to carry out their tasks, enhance their focus, and feel less stressed. …

Bitcoin Adoption

Institutional money is coming in hard

Bitcoin backed by large companies will drive the big bucks of institutional money. Photo by Executium from Unsplash

International companies in El Salvador now have to accept bitcoin whether they like it or not.

Just a couple of days ago, El Salvador became the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender, and firms are bound to accept it as a form of payment alongside the US dollar.

Are you more emotional, rational, or action-oriented towards it?

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Unsplash

American Idol and all those glamorous music competitions have been around for quite a bit. At least for the past 15 years, we’ve seen thousands of participants come and pass through the stage trying to become the next star of show business.

Part of their success comes from the audience’s…

Food Innovation

We need a better food management system or we’ll be doomed.

Photo by dimitrisvetsikas1969 from Pixabay

In simple terms, for every 50 apples harvested, we lose 7 before reaching retail shelves.

It’s a 14% worldwide average.

Some countries have greater losses (21% in Central and Southern Asia) while others are more efficient (5% in Australia and New Zealand).

But the problem remains the same.

We need…

Audio Branding

There’s more to music than meets the ear

Music equipment in a room full of posters.
Photo by Paulette Wooten on Unsplash

Imagine a party or a wedding without music.

Wouldn’t it feel lifeless?

Music is a central part of our lives and as such, a powerful tool of persuasion.

We spend at least 14% of our time listening to it. If there are 1,440 minutes in a day, the time spent…

Sound in marketing is the new trend

A person holds up sound equipment.
Photo by Tyler Casey from Unsplash

We’re entering into a screenless future.

Everything points towards a sound-driven space.


Just consider the following:

And how can we mold music to our goals.

What’s causing your reaction to a certain song? It might be one (or more) of these triggers. Photo by Jamakassi from Unsplash

Humans are the only species that likes and systematically listens to music.

Its ability to induce emotions is like a magnet to us.

We keep returning for more.

But how can it move us to tears or make our whole body feel euphoric?

Let’s dive into music-induced emotions.

#1 — Acoustical features trigger the brain’s most primitive reactions to a stimulus

Music is…

A transition to an audio-driven technology interaction

Photo by Linus Rogge from Unsplash

Audio is the most intuitive tool we’ve developed as a species.

We’ve interacted with video for less than a hundred years. We’ve been reading and writing for around 10,000 years. But before that, we had sounds, audio cues, and storytelling.

If we had experienced the world and bonded with each…

Welcome to the rabbit hole of sound

Photo by Rawpixel from LifeofPix

The world of online sound is filled with wonders.

We usually look for playlists on Spotify to accompany us during our workout or study sessions, but there’s much more you can find on the World Wide Web.

Let’s dive into the soundverse and explore the awesomeness of this virtual space.


Pavle Marinkovic

Audio branding Consultant, Film Composer, and Content Writer. New eBook “How to Hook Your Customer with Music” >

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