A new income stream you might want to look at

Turn your digitized creations into sound NFTs! Photo by Vadim Artyukhin from Unsplash

The last two years have been horrible for musicians.

The pandemic closed all live venues and events requiring live music. These were usually the most lucrative part of a musician’s source of income.

In addition, there was a massive loss of music students due to the pandemic. …

The most knowledgeable people will help you sail through this turbulent market

Learn from the best! Photo from Andre Hunter from Unsplash

Listening to these guys will make you smarter about the financial revolution we’re living in.

They’ve been in this space for a while. They’ve experienced all the ups and downs in the market and have embraced cryptocurrencies to the core.

They live and breathe cryptos.

They’ll comfort you during the…

Audio NFTs

You thought they were just for pieces of visual art?

What about an animated album cover turned into an NFT? Photo by Clay Banks from Unsplash

An artist's main source of income comes from live concerts, but they are difficult to come by these days.

The alternative is streaming. Fans listen to their music and support their work. Unless you’re a big player, it’s not enough.

To get a significant amount of money, you need millions…

With all the hype around Q4, here’s a quick guide for newcomers

Photo by WorldSpectrum from Pixabay

The monetary system is being turned upside down and we have a front seat into the biggest change in the history of finance.

We’re still in the early phase of the revolution and there’s so much happening already.

Once you start learning about cryptocurrencies, you’ll feel like you’re being bombarded…

Your musical taste is based on your brain type, care to find out?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

You know just after a couple of seconds whether you’ll press repeat or change the song you’re listening to.

But what makes you choose one or the other?

Certain features will narrow down your options.

Broadly speaking, what you listen to will be determined by your culture (the music you’re…

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