Remember that modern music stands on the shoulders of classical giants

Classical music isn’t dead.

We might have concert halls closed (or with limited capacity), decreased interest in classical music by younger generations, or even less interest in actively listening to it (a.k.a. background music).

But classical music doesn’t live just in the genre itself.

It transcends boundaries into realms we might’ve not expected to discover anytime soon.

And yet, iconic melodies find their way into our ears through unusual paths.

Here’s a list of mainstream songs that honor composers like Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Elgar, and many other musical legends.

#1 — Tubular Bells (1973)

The debut album of the multi-instrumentalist genius Mike Oldfield starts with…

Don’t panic! That’s just how this market works

Weekends are those days when our nerves get tested.

I mean really tested.

Your hands start shaking. You doubt yourself for thinking you’re smart for entering into a cutting-edge space while everybody is telling you how crazy you’re for believing in that imaginary coin sh*t.

And the truth is that you can barely handle the volatility. When you see price changes between 30%, 40%, or 50%, it will take every ounce of your being not to sell and get the f**k out.

Season traders will tell you, “we’ve all been there”. Once you go through one of those cycles, you’ll…

This is what happens when you keep neglecting musicians over and over again

When you have people like Paul McCartney or Noel Gallagher pissed off at the streaming services, you know it’s time for a big change.

Sadly, musicians have been bombarded from every corner since the pandemic started:

  • A year's money worth of gigs canceled due to covid-19.
  • Lack of funds from governments all over the world: UK, Italy, Germany, and Spain, to name a few.
  • Many artists selling their whole catalogs to the highest bidder (I’ve covered this in another article).

And now this: Spotify’s unfair revenue distribution that further decreases the musician’s ability to generate income.

More than 200 British…

The new era is digital, let’s make the best out of it.

The economy is recovering faster than expected and employers are once again seeking workers…digitally this time around.

More companies are adopting virtual recruiting technologies and on top of the technical issues that come with this type of interview, it’s getting harder for job candidates to feel engaged with their interviewers.

Around 93% of the communication process is nonverbal in nature, so think of how much information is lost when interactions go through a 14-inch screen.

The interviewer can’t really have a sense of body language, glitches might hinder the flow of the dialogue, and candidates pray that the people they…

When a country plans to adopt it, start thinking big…very big!

For all those hodlers out there, we’ve been uneasy with the most recent crash in the crypto market.

As we see prices going further down, with glimpses of hope in between, something very important happened during the last weekend.

A turning point in the future of this decentralized financial system:

El Salvador will be the first country to adopt bitcoin as actual money, alongside the current US. dollar (their local currency).

This announcement came at the Miami Bitcoin 2021 conference, which gathered the major players in the industry: Jack Dorsey (Twitter’s CEO), Nick Szabo (leading expert in digital currency), Micheal…

It all starts with an Audio Logo

Male putting on behind-the-ear headphones
Male putting on behind-the-ear headphones

If I ask you, what does McDonald's sound like?


Or Intel?

Would you be able to sing or whistle it?

Within the current marketing trend, the company’s sound is just as important as its colors, typography, or even its smell (think of Starbucks).

Wherever you go and hear the melodies of these brands, you can identify them without seeing them.

What you hear are their audio logos, also known as sonic or sound logos. …

Studies have found music can have profound effects on our buying behavior.

With increased competition from online shops, retailers have to get creative to attract customers into their stores.

Being easily available, music becomes an asset to lure people in.

But it can do much more than that.

If you know how to use it, that is.

So what happens when retailers learn how to strategically use music to meet their goals?

All of what you’ll read usually happens without us, as customers, ever knowing about it. But what they're able to achieve is astonishing!

Let’s dig in.

#1 — Music changes your perception of time

You know how casinos and malls avoid having external windows so that you lose…

3 strategies that put them ahead of the game

A person holding a Pepsi can and a lollipop
A person holding a Pepsi can and a lollipop

Music is usually used to promote a brand, but it can also renew and revitalize its image.

In this case, it’s about Adrenaline Rush, PepsiCo’s successful energy drink enterprise in Central America.

They’ve been gaining market share and double-digit growth in the last years, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to take some interesting steps along the way, like betting on sound innovation.

Energy drinks have a huge impact on the music industry. They’re massively used in concerts and underground gatherings, but PepsiCo wanted to reach a wider audience with this innovative campaign.

By cleverly upgrading their energy drink…

Find out their favorite type (based on the available research).

How well do you know your pet?

I thought I knew my cocker spaniel until I saw her play for the first time with a friend’s dog. I’ve always seen her barking at strangers, showing her teeth to other female dogs, or simply ignoring any male suitors.

When I saw her goofing around with her first real friend I was baffled. Is that really my Margarita over there? It was as if I had seen her for the first time. I couldn’t recognize her behaving like that ever before.

I guess many of you have had some unexpected discoveries with…

Things you didn’t know about the use of sound in the food industry

Music and food supply.

Do these two even go together?

I certainly don’t get to see it in the news, but that could easily change.

We all enjoy listening to or playing music, but what if we used it beyond the pleasure it gives us?

Think of it as a tool.

One that is non invasive, low cost, easy to implement, and free of secondary effects.

If we’re used to consuming food pumped with god knows how many additives, flavorings, and other chemicals, why not try something less risky to our health for a change?

Some have taken the first…

Pavle Marinkovic

Audio branding Consultant, Film Composer, and Content Writer. New eBook “How to Hook Your Customer with Music” >

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